Connecting with Creativity

Sumedh Chatterjee


Creativity is not an island. Even if it seems like it is, it isn’t. When you feel like you aren’t creative enough, it is simply because there isn’t a made path for your creative side yet, you have not been able to connect with creativity. No matter what and how you feel, there is a bridge that links you to creativity as not everyone way born on the side of creativity. Some people are born on the bridge, some on the creative side, while others, far from creativity. No matter where you find yourself, you can work your way past the bridge and on to the creative side, you just have to be aware.

Before these methods of connecting to one’s creative side were formed (we shall call these methods alternative methods of enhancing creativity), other methods were based on probabilities, and most of the time, they didn’t work. With the advances in Psychometrics (which is the measurement of creativity), more reliable methods have been introduced. So, if you want to connect better to your creative side, or want to discover it, here are some efficient tips:

1. Colors
As easy as it may seem, colors have been known to have so many effects on human lives. Typical examples are when you look up to the sky on a bright sunny day; there is a feeling you can’t explain, or you go to the part to think and clear your head and those times you sit outside to watch the stars at night. So when I room is painted blue like the sky or green like it is in parks, it helps the individual connect better and faster with his/her creative side.

2. Daydreaming
Even though this is considered a complete waste of time by a lot of people, daydreaming could be the possible key required to unlock creativity or creative potentials. According to research finding, allowing the mind to wander is very helpful in enhancing creativity. This can also be achieved when the individual partakes in unusual tasks that challenge his/her thinking. Be careful because it can be very easy to drift away while doing this

3. Darkness or dim light
Colors are an excellent means of enhancing creativity, but when you are not using colors to enhance your creativity, you can use very dim light or darkness. This works because your sight is limited therefore pushing the resources to your mind, this further allows the mind to create and come alive with creativity.

You are creative, maybe not on the same level as everyone else. But there is a bridge, a connection that needs to be built for a better connection with your connective side. It needs a little time and constant practice to be strengthened. Once the connection has been formed, there are better and more fluid transitions from conscious states to creative state. When the unconscious connects well with the conscious and the extreme logical explanative nature of your conscious state accepts ideas from the unconscious.

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